Yan Kamov
Graphic Design Studio

Tunel, Club & Bar

Christian Wedoy is an international illusionist and escape artist from Trondheim Norway on a successful journey to become a global superstar. His world-class escape acts regularly gets the interest of the international press and with over 30 million views on YouTube, he is currently one of the best-known escape artists In the world.


Due to Christians unique profession, creating his visual identity was truly a special experience, offering us a chance to use our imagination to the highest extent. We were tasked to create the whole visual system for Christians brand, including logo, posters, merchandise, stationery as well as multiple photomontages and images for social media.

Tunel, Club & Bar

Tunel (Croatian for "the tunnel" ) is truly unique and special club/bar in our hometown of Rijeka. Situated in an actual tunnel under the railroad tracks, apart from its unique appearance, it is famous for having a great selection of alternative music events ranging from modern electronics to jazz, indie rock, and all the beautiful quirkiness and weirdness they can book.

We were commissioned to do event covers weekly- that would not only serve as posters for events but also extend the visual identity of the bar/club. These are the selected few, from the last couple of seasons.

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