Yan Kamov
Graphic Design Studio
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Who are we

Yan Kamov is a boutique design studio from Rijeka (Croatia) specialized in graphic design and illustration. We are a team of 2 creative individuals always seeking new and inspiring projects and ways to help our clients to grow and visually present their brand in the best way possible. With more then 2 decades of international experience combined, we are always full of innovative ideas that go far beyond our field of expertise.

Tomislav Matic

Creative professional / art director / technology enthusiast / rock'n'roller / movie geek  Tomislav likes to describe himself  simply as a graphic designer. With almost 15 years of experience, there are not a lot of things that can surprise him, but don't be mistaken-he can still surprise you with his creativity, fresh ideas and business tactics.  He mostly runs on coffee, and feel free to interrupt him, as he talks almost as fast as he thinks. 

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Stipe Strika

 Zürich (CH) born, designer / illustrator and overall creative individual Stipe is an artistic force. He always has an unique idea how to solve your visual problem and if you combine that with raw talent and work-ethic of a swiss clock, you'll get the recipe for  success. Stipe loves what he does, and you will love it to. Also he is always up for laid back discussion about good craft beer, in German, naturlich!

What do we do

Yan Kamov specializes in creating logo design/identity systems as well as illustrations, but it doesn’t stop there. Through our extended network of team members, we can cater to most of your needs in your brand development and visual communications ranging from websites, video montage, animation, content writing and all types of print design your brand needs.

How do we work

In terms of our approach, we want to design around the content to make the visuals and the message work together. In order for this to happen, we need to either have the content first or develop content in concert with visuals. In some instances, clients hire us to do writing as well as the design, so we have a lot of influence on the final content. We realize that sometimes budgets don’t allow for writing or our clients want to own the writing. In these cases, we work with our clients on the content strategy to coach them on what content types we need and how to use them throughout a design piece. When design and content work together, we can produce much more effective visual communications.

Our Clients

Here are some of our clients/partners. We love them, and they love us. If you don't believe us feel free to ask them.

BARNES PR / SOLEAS / COLLEGIUM / RAKHIA BAR / NL Professional Hairdresser & Barber Shop / XSTREAM THEMES